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Who we're recruiting
We are recruiting all Dark Elf classes, regardless of Rank. The main requirement to be a member is that you have the interest to Roleplay regularly, and the interest in learning and improving, if not already posessing a high level of ability in Roleplaying and Knowledge of the lore.
Guild Officers
Lady Druchelu
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Welcome to the Covenant Of Contempt!
Welcome to the website for The Covenant Of Contempt. We are a Druchii (Dark Elf) Roleplaying guild on Karak Norn.

We are willing to take part in RvR and Dungeon runs, with the right numbers present, but our main focus is on the Roleplaying aspect of the game, which can be tricky to do on WAR. As such we promote the use of the /e command, and have a perference for Narrative Roleplay events. We operate on the rule that /g and guild only party and warband chats are kept entirely IC (in character), with OOC (out of character) being used in brackets ((like so)).
Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Nyssie, Sep 28, 10 8:28 PM.
Kinks are still being worked out, but bear with me here. Got to get a decent skin, once I figure it out anyway. But the sections are in (rough) working order. Got the widgets looking nice, and the barest bones of the forums set up. All it needs besides some cosmetic glamour is that dramatic touch :D
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